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We specialize in search engine optimization (SEO) for the travel industry. If you operate a travel agency, a tourism website, or other business in the travel industry, we can help you to boost your online visibility, achieve better search engine rankings, and reach more of your potential customers. 

Avidon Marketing Group is a nationally recognized SEO company for travel brands. We’ve been featured in a range of leading publications including HuffPost and MSNBC, and we’ve been rated as a top SEO agency by UpCity, SEOblog, and Expertise. Most importantly, our SEO methodology has proven to be 100% effective in increasing traffic and revenue.

Why Do Travel Businesses Need SEO?

Whether you’re a travel agent, a travel event planner, a tour guide, or a vacation rental property owner, you need an SEO plan.


Most Travelers Plan Online
Google Research reports that 57% of leisure travelers and 64% of business travelers begin their travel planning online.

Majority of Consumers Uses Google
When consumers conduct online research, 93% start with a search engine like Google. That’s where you want your travel business to be prominently showcased.

Travel Industry Is Primed for a Boom
Analysts are expecting an unprecedented travel boom as COVID-19 subsides and consumers are once again able to explore the world freely and without concern. Now is the perfect time to get your website in order.

Benefits of SEO for Your Travel Business

An expert-driven SEO campaign is essential in the travel businesses.

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  • It allows you to stand out in one of the most competitive online marketing niches.

  • It helps you to generate relevant organic traffic from the most qualified leads: serious travelers seeking exactly the kind of service you have to offer.

  • It makes it possible to get the word out without the need for costly, short-term ad campaigns.

  • It helps you to establish trust and credibility as a travel organization. Trust is imperative, as travel inherently takes people outside of their comfort zone.

  • It affords you the opportunity to connect with a prospective customer base both in your local market and in national/international markets.

  • It enables you to avoid the most common travel SEO mistakes, like targeting the wrong geographic locations and failing to incorporate the most relevant keywords. 

How Do You Choose the Best Travel SEO Partner?

There are certain qualities essential for a travel SEO firm:


Local & Global Capabilities
Unless you run a strictly local travel agency, you’ll probably need to optimize for both local and broad search terms. You need an agency that specializes in both types of strategy, each of which has its own complexities. 

Top-Notch Content Development
Content accounts for four of the five most important ranking factors for travel businesses. Your SEO team must be equipped to create a high-level content marketing strategy that appeals to both travelers and search engines. 

Strong Link-Building Capabilities
Research shows that successful travel company websites boast more than 150 inbound links (23% more than the average of all other industries). You need an SEO partner that excels in building high-authority links. 

A Proven Track Record
When dealing with a hyper-competitive industry like the travel sector, you can’t rely on a small-time or unproven agency. Go with a trusted SEO authority that delivers results and has the case studies to prove it.

Your Trusted Travel SEO Experts

We pride ourselves on our strong relationships, amazing results, and glowing reviews.

Our SEO Services Build Google Traffic & Acquire Customers

  • You get comprehensive optimization that accounts for the traveler’s entire buying process. Google defines four micro - moments that occur for the potential traveler. There are the dreaming moments (“I want to get away”), the planning moments, the booking moments, and the experiencing moments. We’ll help you optimize for all of them.

  • You gain access to a top-rated SEO team that specializes in the travel space. Check out this SEO case study to see how we helped one luxury travel startup skyrocket their organic traffic.

  • You get a full team for, including keyword research analysts, content creators, technical experts, PR & link builders, and other search engine marketing professionals.

  • You get an SEO strategy that’s just as committed to user experience as it is to search engine rankability. This translates to better long-term organic search performance and growth.

  • We offer a complete suite of supplementary digital marketing services like content marketing, email marketing, social media strategy, and PPC. We are your full-service digital marketing firm. 

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What Is Included in SEO for Travel?

Our luxury travel SEO services include custom corporate-grade strategy for your campaign, a team of experts for end-to-end implementation of the work, consultations to help drive business and marketing decisions, fully-transparent monthly reports, and much more.


A 100% Custom Campaign
Every aspect of your SEO campaign is custom-tailored to ensure optimal Google traffic and revenue growth. We factor in your goals, your competition, the current search trends, and a wealth of other key information to devise proven strategies for your travel business.

Keyword & Content Strategy
While other firms produce generic content with a few long-tail keywords and hope for the best, we produce high-quality evergreen content that culminates from hours of in-depth market research using industry-leading tools. Our content ranks faster because it’s painstakingly optimized with Google and searcher in mind.

Complete Technical Optimization 
Some of the most important SEO happens on the back end. Our technical experts are meticulous about optimizing everything from Google Analytics deployment to internal link structure to proper keyword selection. This allows Google to properly crawl and interpret your site, thereby ensuring better rankings in less time. 

Link Building & PR

Building links is still the most important Google ranking factor for your website. We use time-tested PR strategies to organically generate high-quality links from trusted sources, ensuring that your inbound links add real authority to your website.


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