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Premier search engine optimization services for luxury brands

luxury seo services for premium brands

SEO services for luxury brands are in high demand. The global luxury products industry was valued at more than $316 billion and it’s impossible to compete in this ultra-competitive market without an expert-driven digital marketing strategy.

We are a boutique SEO agency that provides an elite level of service and delivers exceptional results. Our team features executive-level digital marketing experts with a proven track record for helping businesses of all sizes to outperform their competition.

We help premium brands to maximize their online potential and compete against established competitors using proven luxury SEO strategy. Whether you deal in luxury fashion, upscale hotels, luxury real estate, or high-end merchandise, we execute an effective strategy that’s tailored to your needs. 

Why Do Luxury Brands Need SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical for luxury brands. Your competitors in the luxury market are already spending a fortune on SEO because they understand the remarkable potential. One well-placed search ranking can result in thousands—if not tens of thousands—of dollars per day in sales. 

Even if you already have an established, successful brand, it’s impossible to achieve your full sales potential in today’s economy without a solid SEO and digital marketing strategy.


Luxury Consumers Do Their Research Online

More than 80% of luxury goods buyers still shop in person, but 78% of these buyers research products online before buying. Are your products appearing at the top of the list and making a good impression? 

Branded Searches Are Limited

Only 7% of shoppers begin their search with the name of the brand or manufacturer. In the vast majority of cases, shoppers are searching for broad terms like “designer luggage,” “diamond earrings,” or “pilot watches.”

Luxury Buyers Use Mobile Devices

100% of luxury goods buyers use a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other web-enabled device, according to Google. 

Quality of Your Online Presence Matters

Affluent shoppers are much more discriminating than the average shopper, so it’s especially critical to make your products stand out in terms of both visibility and quality.

Benefits of Luxury SEO

The right SEO strategy works wonders in a luxury market.

luxury goods and products
  • It enables you to compete successfully with much larger and more established luxury brands by skyrocketing your organic traffic and organic search visibility.

  • It allows you to allocate less money to traditional marketing channels, potentially saving you thousands or even millions of dollars per year.

  • It connects you with a global customer base of luxury buyers who otherwise wouldn’t find you.

  • It establishes you as a household name for luxury consumers seeking your type of luxury products.

  • It helps you discover valuable keyword opportunities you didn’t even know existed, including broad terms with higher search volume as well as long-tail keywords that are less competitive.


How Do You Choose the Best Luxury SEO Partner?

Certain qualities are essential in a luxury digital marketing company.


Experience With Luxury Brands
Your agency must understand the unique complexities of luxury SEO and have the resources to compete with brands that are already paying a premium for online marketing services.

Experience With Both Local & National SEO
If your business includes both physical and digital storefronts, your SEO agency must be equipped to navigate the challenges of local SEO as well as national SEO.

A Top-Tier Content Creation Team
Your optimized website content must exemplify the same sense of quality, luxury, and attention to detail that defines your luxury items. Your potential customers will accept no less.

A White-Hat Digital Marketing Approach
Reputation is everything for a luxury brand. That’s why it’s so critical to work with a marketing company that can deliver results without using disreputable SEO tactics. 

Your Trusted Luxury SEO Experts

We pride ourselves on our strong relationships, amazing results, and glowing reviews.

Why Do Brands Choose AMG for SEO?

  • We offer a complete, dedicated team of savvy marketing professionals, and we align our goals with your business goals.

  • We have experience working with established global enterprises, funded startups, and scrappy up-and-coming brands.

  • We create custom digital marketing strategy for each campaign by assessing your brand and competitive landscape to deliver the most effective results.

  • We can expertly integrate an array of supplemental services including social media strategy, email marketing, and PPC.

  • We are one of the most trusted SEO providers in the nation. Our insights have been featured on major publications such as HuffPost and MSNBC.

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What Do Our Luxury SEO Services Include?

Our luxury SEO services include custom corporate-grade strategy for your campaign, a team of experts for end-to-end implementation of the work, consultations to help drive business and marketing decisions, fully-transparent monthly reports, and much more.

  • An Effective Strategy Guided by Research
    We use industry-leading auditing software and market research tools to assess your strengths, competition, and opportunities on a micro level. From there, we use proven strategies to develop and execute your customized SEO campaign.

  • Tailored Content Strategy
    Our veteran content creators generate compelling, research-driven content. Every sentence is crafted to accommodate the needs of relevant web searchers, meaning our content makes a stronger impression and ranks more quickly.

  • Comprehensive Technical Optimization 
    Our technical website audits are some of the most comprehensive in the industry. We comb through every piece of code and ensure that search engines can effectively crawl your website and interpret its content.  

  • High-Authority Link Acquisition

    Link building is important for SEO, and luxury brands need inbound links from trusted, high-authority websites. We generate high quality links from reputable publishers using the strategies of a high-end PR campaign as well as targeted content marketing.


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