Case Study - NomNomNow

6 articles. 12 months. 4100% traffic increase.

How we grew a pet food delivery startup’s monthly organic traffic from 3K to 126K visitors using only six articles.



Vertical: Pet food

Problem: Lack of brand visibility in organic search on Google & other search engines.

Solution: Create six authoritative long-form guides to educate consumers about food-related canine health topics, allowing them to discover NomNomNow as an industry leader in healthy pet food delivery.

Services: Digital strategy, consumer research, content marketing, technical SEO, content promotion + link acquisition for enterprise SEO.

Results: The site’s organic traffic grew from 3,000 organic visitors to 126,000 organic visitors in less than a year. Each guide continues growing in visibility and popularity organically.


NomNomNow is an Oakland-based startup specializing in freshly-prepared pet food delivered straight to your home. We were approached by their long-time design partner Ship Shape Studio to put together a plan of action that would increase the startup’s visibility in search.

Our proposed strategy for the campaign was to create and promote evergreen educational guides. The content would rank well for thousands of keywords, thus driving thousands of pet owners to the site each month. Each piece would educate visitors about a specific canine health condition, how diet affects the dog’s well-being, and make them aware of NomNomNow as a healthy, convenient option for feeding their pets.

Research & Strategy Setting

We began by researching and identifying nutrition-centric dog health topics that had a significant amount of traffic potential. As part of our preparation, we also recommended a number of technical SEO improvements to make sure the site was primed for growth.

After a thorough analysis of existing competitors, consumer search trends, and pet owners’ most popular FAQs, we had settled on half a dozen topics that we projected had a significant potential for organic traffic.

Content Creation

With the topics agreed upon, we began working to publish a new guide each month, including a puppy feeding guide, an article about dog food allergies, and a piece about loss of appetite in canines.

The first step was to create a solid outline that included common subtopics discovered through keyword research. These outlines were the backbone of each guide and included specific instructions for on-page SEO requirements.

Once the outlines were ready, our writer interviewed NomNomNow’s veterinary nutrition expert to get scientific insights and quotes for each subtopic listed in the guide. This ensured authoritative substance for each piece.

Ship Shape Studio also provided branded infographics to provide a visual component, which gave users more than one way to share each piece.

Content Promotion

As soon as each guide went live, our digital promotion team began custom link acquisition campaigns. Links were a vital part of ensuring the content would rank well in the long run.

Our team used over a dozen link building strategies to build links to each guide, including but not limited to: guest posts, broken link building, link interception, and pitching to industry resource pages.

The effort resulted in dozens of high-authority, value-passing links that helped each page rank for thousands of keywords.


Our campaign began in January of 2018, and the last of the six guides went live in late summer of 2018. The site’s organic traffic exploded within just a few months of work commencing. Key highlights of this campaign’s success:

  • Monthly organic traffic went from 3,000 organic visitors in January 2018 to almost 126,000 organic visitors in January of 2019.
  • The guides are currently generating approximately 50% of the site’s organic traffic.
  • The PPC value of the organic traffic the guides generate is $34,000. This is how much it would cost to generate the same amount of visitors using Google Ads.
  • The guides have page-1  rankings for over 3,000 keywords and top-3 rankings for over 400 keywords (including over 100 featured snippets)
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“I am very pleased with how the guides played out - absolutely one of our marketing highlights for the year.”

Nate Phillips

CEO & CoFounder

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