About Avidon Marketing Group

Avidon Marketing Group is a boutique SEO company established in 2018 in beautiful Los Angeles, California. The company was founded by Igor Avidon (then Igor Kholkin), a digital marketing expert with a decade of experience in online marketing & advertising. His insights have been featured in publications like American Express and NFIB.

His career began with a personal interest in helping his family's business survive the 2008 economic recession. During this period, he autonomously learned paid search advertising using Google's AdWords platform. The process of consumers finding products & services online intrigued him, and he quickly expanded his interest to learning how sites rank organically.

After working as a general marketing manager, Igor joined what would become one of the most prominent SEO agencies in the world. Joining in 2012, his leadership and expertise helped the agency quadruple in size by refining processes in account management, search engine optimization, and paid search management.

He left employment to work on his own business ventures after catching the entrepreneurial bug in 2016. Despite a focus on developing his own ecommerce brand, SEO consulting work continued to gain traction for Igor & his team of professional marketers thanks to word of mouth referrals from happy clients.

Since 2016, Igor and his team have helped a number of startups and small businesses gain prominence in organic search and exceed their business goals. Their approach revolves around a strategic blend of content marketing and digital PR.

Igor also contributes to various publications related to a wide variety of business-related topics such as productivityleadership, and company culture.